Friday, December 18, 2009


I don't know about you but I can look at handbags all day. Its like art to me. When I go into the store I have to check them all out. You know throw them on my shoulder, carry them in my hand, on my arm. All the while looking in the mirror. You do that when you try on a dress. Do you " try " on a handbag?
Why is a purse you buy to wear on your shoulder called a " handbag " isn't that a shoulderbag? Even a purse you carry in your hand is not a handbag it is a clutch bag.
How about the Hobo bag. Do hobos really carry bags? I remember those bags from when I was younger. Us hippies carried them. We also made them. They were real easy to make. You remember them too. You would take an old pair of jeans and make the shoulder "Hobo" bag. Sew a long strap on it and it was ready to go. You could carrie a lot in that bag.
I thought there were a lot of sneaker brands. Have you see how many designers there are for handbags. I did a search on Google for this hub to see how many I could come up with. I couldn't even count them all. Some cute names were Fendi, Hobo, Gucci, Dooney and Bourke.
Macy's has a great selecton on handbags. I also found one called Handbag Heaven. Their prices are reasonable. I am thinking, I do love the Hobo and tote bags